Rosetta - 650 mL

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Rosetta - A Golden Ale Brewed with Pink Peppercorns and Rose Petals - 6.5%

Ingredients: Malted barley, oats, sugar, pink peppercorns, rose petals, hops, yeast, water

A good mystery will draw you in, posing a deeply puzzling question and offering just enough clues to send you off on an obsessive quest for the truth.

We planned to make a mysterious beer, but we’re told that pink peppercorns can sometimes cause an allergic reaction in people with a cashew nut allergy, so we’re going to unravel this mystery as bluntly as a bilingual inscription on a rock in a desert.

Rosetta is a sparkling, golden ale fermented with Belgian yeast. We added pink peppercorns to impart a light fruity, peppery note. (And while we’re at it, that breath of floral mystery comes from briefly steeping rose petals in the brew kettle. Good riddance to mystery. I’d rather nobody got sick.)

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